We’ve moved

You may be wondering why no newsletters from the She’s Back shed for a fair few months. Fear not – we haven’t disappeared. We’re still here, sharing what’s important, useful, practical & generally uplifting & edifying on women & work. Just not here via newsletter.

We’ve migrated to a private Facebook group. If you can’t beat ’em join ’em & all that. It’s now a convivial, communal conversation & not merely us on transmit mode. Suffice to say – we’d LOVE you to join us, now. There are all sorts of magnificent people in the group offering all sorts of practical support & tips. We’ve made it a  no selling, minimum moaning zone. It’s a healthy, thriving, growing community of like minded people.

Hopefully see you there pronto. Dive in – you’re amongst friends.

We hope you have a wonderfully well deserved break of some description over the holidays. Remember – no one notices the difference between 80% & 100%. Take it easy.

We will be back in the 2018 with news of our book, published 24th May. Oh yes.

Happy holidays folks.Deb & Lisa

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