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Hello again lovely She’s Backers. We’re still here, we still make noise & we’re still trying to shift the needle on women & work. Action, not rhetoric. So what’s occurring?

Apart from the gorgeous glory of Autumn – the light! the leaves! the cosiness! the marked improvement in tele’ & films! the sense of fresh start! the back to school fleet of foot feeling we seem to share! – a few things have caught our eye of late. Good news stories about women & work. They’re rare so when we see them, let’s celebrate.

Uber. Marmite, we are aware & no strangers to controversy & troubles. So what do they do – hire a woman to tell their story better. What a woman Bozoma Saint John is too. Appears she’s not merely super disciplined, stylish, smart & creative – damn her – she’s also earned her stripes in the male dominated worlds of music & tech. That’s her, above – one of the smartest women in Silicon Valley right now.

As a single mother who lost her husband to cancer, she’s had a tough journey. Hats off, Boz, shifting perceptions on so many levels.

“I couldn’t be blonde, I couldn’t be white. At 13, I learned what it meant to walk into a room & not care what everybody thinks of you.”
Bozoma Saint John, Chief Brand Officer, Uber

Back in good old Blighty that stalwart of tradition, the RSC is choosing all female directors for its summer 2018 season. Let’s be clear – this is a Very.Big.Thing. Theatre’s a very tough nut to crack & a profession that’s pretty much incompatible for women raising a family. We should know, Deb’s worked in some of the best. These woman are all excellent at their craft. Time to see how women share stories.

Ahh – the establishment. How about the worlds oldest English speaking magazine, The Spectator, who blew a few cobwebs away with a bold, simple hire. Their no CV policy helped them find the best intern. And no sh*t Sherlock, that person happened to be a 48 year old mother of three. Hurrah. Katherine Forster, who was judged on the quality of her work & what she delivered.

It’s not beyond the wit of man, employers, is it? So let’s ditch the CV & look at what people can do, what value they can add rather than how long they’ve slogged it out in the trenches.

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