Something we are very proud of

We helped some brilliant women land jobs. Real ones. Not programmes or projects but properly remunerated, meaningful work that works for them. We couldn’t be happier. Why? Well – these were roles that didn’t exist. With a little light nudging & lateral thinking on our part we matched a companies need with a women who wanted to work, on her terms. We’ve learned:

1. Women have fantastic skills & experience & can be a cost effective way of getting work done. They rarely want full time & they can deliver what needs to be done in the time allocated

2. There’s a robust business case for SMEs. Ignore big companies quakking on about targets, gender pay gaps & whatever the agenda is this month. It’s frequently entrenched in tedious, impenetrable admin. Smaller companies get it & are up for tapping into this fantastic source of talent. They need work doing, they know as they grow they need women ( or forget it down the line) & they need a grown up, someone grounded, trusted & able to voice ideas & suggestions. They rarely have budget or office space for another full time, desk based employee. Finding a flexible solution for all is win win.

3. There are hundreds of invisible opportunities. An old school job didn’t exist, the companies were confused about where to advertise the role,(so much choice, too little time & money) the women, don’t know where to look. We brokered the deal
4. These were roles that required highly skilled, thoughtful talent. Genuinely flexible opportunities that capitalised on women’s talents & depth of professional experience.

5. Women were ready – enthusiastic, proactive & flexible. They offered ideas on how the work could be done, they co created a solution & they compromised.

Something you can do – send us your CV
We’re under no illusions it’s tough out. But if you think this describes you, send us your CV. Now. We would love to help & we will if we can. Promise. We’re approached by small Consultancies, Film Production Companies, Architects, Marketing & Digital Agencies. People like our She’s Back-ers. Quite right too.

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