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This month we’re channelling our inner Elvis. Not quite the glorious Vegas rhinestone pantsuit, peanut butter/jam sandwiches era, sadly. Think A little less conversation, a little more action, guaranteed, mantra ( see him at his glorious peak by clicking on his face ) Still way too much content on women & work, rarely backed by impact & action. This edition will strive to be short, sharp & useful. A little like us on a good day. Let’s hit it.

Something is a changin’ 
Men. By jove some appear to have got it. Big splashy newsworthy stuff. Sums up the state of the nation when what we consider to be good old fashioned common sense grabs attention but there you have it. Let’s start with that most zeitgeist (well here in the UK at least) of topics – government. We, the pundits & analysts & we suspect most of the Politicians have no idea what’s going on here right now but it would appear that whatever your Politics,, we will see more women represented. Which is a good thing.

We know that companies with more gender-balanced leadership teams significantly outperform companies with only men at the helm. Why wouldn’t this be even more true at a country level
Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, CEO of Twenty first.

Dig beneath the PR & soundbite slick headlines. Gender balanced cabinets, deliver, & some. Where women are significantly represented in government, those countries outperform the US. Read evidence from Finland, Sweden & Rwanda  here.

  • Back in Blighty, our London Mayor, the tremendous Sadiq Khan placed women at the fore of his Mayoral team to help him deliver his manifesto pledges. Critically none of these appointments smacked of obligatory quota fulfilling manoeuvres. These are women adept at negotiating public policy, experienced & efficient.
  • Just occasionally it needs an easy on the eye mellifluous voiced actor to land a message. James Nesbitt barnstormed the recent BAFTA ceremony with a passionate call out to his profession. Supporting ERA, the campaign for the Equal Representation of Actresses, James nailed it – this is an inequality that is absorbed by everyone on their screens every day. It’s our daily narrative norm.
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